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Business Policy      Contribution

We conbribute to society through the Technology of Surface Finishing.

How to contribute   Trust&Gratitude

.To assure quality through the standardization of production and inspection [process

.To observe delivery time strictly through the standardization of production equipment and the improvement of productive efficiency

.To assure reliability through the compliance with Environmental Regulation such as RoHS 

.To reduce a risk about recently tightening Environmental Regulation by relocating factories into the leading industrial park for Surface Finishing,which has been licensed by the Environmental Agency of Guangdong.

Action Plan    Do our best&"凡事徹底(Bonji Tettei)"

Do our best for everything,even if they were nothing special.

.On-the-Job Training&Education for the safe operation

.Audit Activity for "5S"+Safety and Health+Environment

.Maintenance Inspection of Production Lines and Equipment

.Activity to increase productive efficiency

.Activity for power and Work saving in production lines

.Activity for Quality Improvement

.Audit Activity for Production and Inspection Processes

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